Sam Marshall

I came into the pen hobby by the back door—my wife was the collector and I was the non-collecting spouse.  I used fountain pens, but thought of them as tools.  In the 1980’s my wife began seriously collecting fountain pens.  A few years later, she got tired of paying the fees to have her pens repaired and TOLD ME: “Sam, you’re handy.  Come with me to a pen show and buy what you need to repair my pens.”While my personal collecting interests focus on Sheaffer Pens, I have repaired many brands and models from Mont Blanc to Sailor, Arnold to Wahl.  I am a regular contributor to the pen repair feature in the Pen Collector’s of America magazine, PENnant.  I was also featured in Pen World last year.I am happy to show my customers how I repair their pens and look forward to sharing the knowledge about pen repairs at this show.

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