Aurora Mar Tirreno–Tyrrhenian Sea


Green is the color of the collection, a reminder of nature on the coasts of this area.

The most characteristic symbols have been developed on the decorations of the rings:

Bottom ring: Decoration of Etruscan amphorae - Flower Symbolism: sign of rebirth.

Cap ring: Vesuvius and Capri - Vesuvius: currently the only active volcano in all of continental Europe. Faraglioni: three particularly picturesque peaks derived from erosion of the sea and from weather on the coast of Capri.

Clip ring: Nuraghi - Nuraghi: the biggest megalithic monuments in Europe.

Please understand this pen is extremely limited, as there are only 480 pieces worldwide, 20 of which are for the USA market. We expect to sell through our allocation very quickly. Therefore to ensure delivery, we ask that you confirm your order as soon as possible.

Mar Tirreno Fountain Pen - Model: 946-MT - $1,500

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